Monday, June 30, 2014


we had another amazing week with the family at younglife camp. truly, it's the best week that our family has together. we love getting to be together with few distractions. we also love getting to see God work through the lives of so many servants to bring the truth to kids. it's an awesome privilege to get to be in the mist of God's work.

here are some pics and video from the week...

club...we went one time a day to club-it's a time of singing, laughing with funny skits and hearing the gospel.

here's one of the hilarious skits from club...i hope the video works-my video didn't work so i added a link to youtube-they are so funny. 
the program guys are always SO funny. 
this year they played 3 different characters-djs, life coaches, and corn hole chucking champs...

singing at club...
hiking through the much fun. bonus was that we didn't see any snakes!!!

the big slide...
the giant swing...
 hike up to sharptop mountain-we hope the whole family can do it next year. it's a bit challenging but there's an awesome view. 
ropes course that i did- it was challenging but very fun! 
emily and tucker had a blast on the diving board...

we had a huge surprise...our friends that we made 2 years ago were at camp again this year. Ellie Kate and Eady were fast friends 2 years ago-it took no time for them to bond again. kindred spirits...sweet little girls that had an awesome time together. here they are at the bead barn making a bracelet. 
here they are from 2 years ago!!!
emily and hadley-ellie kate's little sister- chillin in the hammock. 
emily (their mom) and i-she's on staff in knoxville. it was such a treat to see them again!
 dinner on the last night was a long table...everyone from camp ate at one LONG table. eating at the table as one family in's pretty awesome
 tim enjoyed the ice cream!!!
another year is over...if you look closely, you can see the rainbow in front of the mountain. 
this truly is an amazing experience that we have the privilege of being a part of. 
we are so grateful to get to enjoy this time together as a family watching as God is glorified! 

ga aquarium

we took our annual family trip to YL camp...before getting to sharptop, we stopped at the aquarium to see the sites...AMAZING!

 talking to the beluga...
 eady has decided she wants to be a dolphin trainer when she grows she is talking to them about the details! 

 petting the sting rays and sharks! 
 an albino aligator 

Wednesday, March 5, 2014


a few weeks ago, emily went to grammy and papa's and the rest of us packed up 
and headed out west for a few days of skiing. 
here are a few highlights! 
waiting at the airport for our early morning flight
 finally~some snow to play in! 
 eady did 2 days of ski school and then ended up on blue runs by day 3!
tim and eady spent the morning together on the day 3. 
 family pic! 
by the end of day 3, everyone was skiing down the slopes. 
tuc was a little speedy gonzalez and couldn't get enough! 
everyone is looking forward to another trip!  

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

emily turns 4!!

I'M BACK!!! it's been a while...too long. we've had a great end to our year-a lot of awesome highlights and memories. unfortunately, i don't think i have it in me to blog them...we will see, maybe i will get a wild hair

emily turned 4 on january 12! 
we love our happy, energetic ball of fire! she's such a fun, excited little girl! 

to celebrate, we had a rapunzel party with a few friends...
here are some highlights

eady and emily practiced with the pascal party blowers

since rapunzel was an artist, the girls (and brothers) tried their hand at art!

the girls made hair braids! (the brothers sat out of this one!)

reese ann modeled for us
the girls had fun jumping on the trampoline
 eady and kendall were great helpers at the party

we love you emy, you bring such joy into our life. we are so grateful to the Lord for His precious gift! 

Thursday, August 15, 2013

vacation is over...

we had an awesome summer. and i guess i decided to take a little blog break over since spring break! 
i intend on posting some of our spring and summer adventures soon! 
BUT FIRST- summer vacation is over (and it feels like summer is over to since it's in the 60s this morning) and school has started for Tuc and Eady. here are a few highlights from our first few days back...

we took Tucker to meet his teacher and see his classroom first. 
i love this picture-his backpack is about as big as he is!

Mrs. Karen and Mrs. Hailey are his sweet teachers. 
he was thrilled to get to meet them and play in his classroom. 

i believe this will be one of those pics that i will look back and treasure. i have the same picture of her walking into the front of the school since she was in K. she has always been so excited to go!  
Mrs. Gayton is eady's teacher. she gives some great hugs and seems to love teaching 2nd grade! 

a family tradition that was inspired by "fancy nancy"- thank you nancy! 
this is a fun highlight to our back to school celebrations...

all dressed up and very fancy!